Beyond Twenty Ltd








TASKS: Branding, Graphics, Packaging, Responsive + MOBILE Design, Prototyping, PHOTOGRAPHY + Photo Retouching, Stakeholder Presentations, Worked with Agile, Jira + Confluence.


I worked for Beyond Twenty Ltd between 2016 and 2017. They are a London based tech startup housing a highly talented team of Designers, Product Designers, Engineers, Marketing and Retail Heads. They are involved with the design of Ayr, a smart connected vaporiser launching soon: 

"...working with leading technologists and designers to create the world’s first truly smart vaporiser; one that would automatically refill and recharge itself. A product that could capture the moments that delight smokers and respect the lifestyle they enjoy."


I helped to push forward a responsive solution to Ayr’s pre-sale launch site. I created a number of high level concepts with scamps, storyboards and annotations, using existing 3D models and visualisations, and exploring transitions, cinematic and parallax animation sequences. The site required scalability across many sectors from brand, marketing, product etc. as new assets, specs, legal requirements were being gathered and/or updated. Extensive visuals and UX created using Sketch, with iterative amends during pre-launch, creating organised libraries and symbols and bespoke icongraphy in Illustrator. App designs were pushed forward using new brand assets, analysing UX for improvement and creating design guides for a remote Development team to develop the first phase of the pre-sale Ayr app. For visual prototyping I used InVision to present responsive designs, e-commerce app functionality, showcasing the product and its state of the art technology to Stakeholders, organising the Keynote presentations.

Using 3D tools in Illustrator, I created an extensive range of packaging concepts and white samples for in-house testing. Liaising with legal, to align with TPD regulations to promote product safety, and print specialists on CMYK and Pantone selection, materials, finishes and print feasibility.

Utilising office space to create photographic imagery using white boards, speed lights and natural light. Bespoke images were created using my hands and my colleagues thumb to model the device! The images were later processed to create a clean and hyperreal look.

An extensive range of digital graphics were also explored and these represented up to 10 flavours along with bespoke patterns inspired by the Bauhaus movement (created in Photoshop and Illustrator). The objective was to create graphics that were vibrant, bold and own-able with hints of texture and simplicity of form and shape. Examples are previewed across this page, and finalised versions were later used across multiple channels.