Thousands of Millions


One of my favourite places to visit as a child was The Museum of Natural History in Oxford, a special place for me and my family (thanks Dad)! I now take my daughter here and she loves it! I decided to capture a few of the artefacts and valuable treasures during a short visit here. A lot of the valuable artefacts are placed behind glass containers, but I managed to capture a few of them, trying to avoid reflections where possible. My intention was to create a graphical display of textures and formations to highlight the importance and wonder of these objects and admire their unique beauty. When time allows I hope to create a series of works much like this for personal use, to share for inspiration, and perhaps some future merchandise for the Museum?

Natural Treasures from left to right: Poleumita discors 1814, Acheulian hand axe 350-275 thousand years old, Orbicular granite 2.7 billion years old, Skeleton Parade 20th century.

Museum of Natural History Oxford. Artwork and Photography by Juliet Alliban. Oct 2018.