A Natural High


I’ve been experimenting with capturing these flowers using natural light. My prime goal is to really start owning the surroundings and equipment without breaking the bank. The fresh bunch of flowers cost £5, and the equipment isn’t entirely new: with 20-200mm F3.5 zoom lens, ML-L3 remote control (to avoid camera shake), my old Nikon D7100, a 6m black muslin cloth and background stands. I’ve seen various inspirational content online using decaying flowers with dark and moody processing, and I wanted to capture and explore something similar. I tried to keep the ISO as low as possible to avoid any grainy images. Lightroom is my choice of editing software, and by ramping up the contrast, altering exposure levels, clarity and saturation, I managed to get an atmospheric rawness to the subject, which I love.

Photography by Juliet Alliban. Jan 2019.