Photo Montage: Texture


I have a large body of work associated with nature, architecture, texture, pattern and so on, but I wanted to create this slice to show how these textures create a symposium of form juxtaposed together. I had a few ideas and sketches for what I wanted to create, and these 4 images were sufficient to connect and explore. All photos are my own taken from my travels over the years.

I’ve also recently started to share my work again on Instagram (we’ve had a love hate relationship for a while), but this is an ideal platform now for me to share my work again.

Photos from left to right: (1) Ice formation at Symondshyde Great Wood, Hertfordshire; (2) Rock formation at Saklikent Gorge in Turkey; (3) Mountains at Snowdonia National Park; (4) Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth, Powys.