2012 - 2019

This body of work is a glimpse into my concept design work, covering logos, graphics, type, data vis, interfaces and a lot more.

A few much older projects can be seen in the image burst below (namely Lloyds, FootLocker, Jaguar, Orchestrate and Konstruct). The images should provide you with an insight into design work from 2012-2016. Bear in mind however that trends, styles, tastes and technology change overtime. It would be sad not to share this work which I am so proud to have created with my colleagues and clients. And it is without doubt that my own personal style evolves to reflect trends, experiences, user demands and markets, much like the brands that I work with. I will be talking about these projects at a later stage but I initially wanted to focus on my logo design work, as this is what I get asked about a lot. More updates on there way, watch this space!


I work closely with clients to create elegant identities. My style leans towards the minimal with strong symbolic meanings. Below is a short summary of the logos created and in some circumstances, I also produce the web or mobile UI for these client projects. A brief summary follows, but for a full breakdown of all my logo designs, please get in touch.

  • GSK: GlaxoSmithKline required a new logo to represent their new medical practitioner website which I helped design to completion. The logo which I created respects the original GSK brand, with the use of a DNA inspired ribbon wrapping around the GSK plectrum to create elegant negative space. [Agency: Ogilvy-Action, 2010].

  • Cambridge Credentials: an independent recruiter specialising in audit, tax, accounts and accounting. I designed the website from concept to completion with Squarespace. [Client: Family business, 2014].

  • Qpic: (Questions using Pictures) is a mobile app that aims to take users through a unique, fun and empowering journey. Users can ask questions with the aid of pictures to a global audience, based on age, gender and location. My client needed a fun, bright brand with a simple, clear logo. I explored the name ‘Qpic’ using several rounded, hand written fonts. I also created UX/UI for iOS and Android. [Client: Ghyan Ltd, 2014].