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This project was aimed at girls to create their own Geofilter as part of a Snapchat filter competition (US based). Five finalists would be selected to win a VIP trip to Snapchat HQ to work 1:1 with an engineer to create a Snapchat lens. The winner would have their lens launched in the live app.

Our brief to provide creative for Google Made with Code - Geofilters, using a mobile first approach for Blockly (Google's coding programme to teach girls about code). Unique Geofilter designs can be created using Blockly. The user can drag each piece from the menu and connect it to other pieces in the work space. Each object practices some form of coding like sequences or variables. Elaborate patterns can be made using a mixture of stamps, modifiers and variables.

Our team was made up of illustration, UX and coding talent. I was mainly involved with the creative and art direction, guiding the artwork and design and prototyping the visuals using Sketch Mirror for quick and iterative updates. Detailed and organised libraries and symbols were created to ensure a consistent experience and design system which would then be presented to the Client (Google based in San Francisco) for further feedback. Client presentations covered the creative vision, interactions and rationale.

A responsive microsite was designed in Sketch for hosting the competition. This included several pages such as form submission, Meet the Judges and Contest Rules. 

The prompt ‘A Snapchat from your Future Self’ guided the look and feel of the graphics, which consisted of frames and filters, stamps and type, influenced by STEM and the Arts. The illustrations were created by the talented Jamie Jones.


A Snapchat from
your future self



Pixel (pixel pattern)
Atomic (floating atoms and particles)
Matrix (Matrix inspired filter)
Electro (electromagnetic waves)


4 frameS

Odyssey (space travel)
Horizon (futuristic cityscape)
Motherboard (PCB)
Pioneer (topographic map)



Fun stamps/graphics and typographic statements



Google Made w/ Code Geofilters.
Produced by Nexus Interactive Arts.
Illustration by
Jamie Jones.
Project powered by Snapchat.


ABOVE: Assets & Exploration


Create your
own Geofilter