through the lens

I realised an interest in photography back in 2001 during a trip to New York along with my first digital camera. Looking back, I didn’t understand photography’s impact and importance on the world. I just snapped away endlessly taking photos, as a leisurely activity and not really knowing why.

I’m thankful to have visited some incredible places around the world including parts of Mexico, Morocco, Paris, San Francisco, Thailand, Vietnam, Colombia and China. My art and design background helped me to find that sweet spot and capture landscapes, architecture, nature and much more. I was interested in lines, patterns, colours and texture and have a vast array of photos that I revisit regularly, which helps to reassess attention and direction.




I’m studying online at the British Academy of Photography. The course involves practical and theoretical assignments including an overview of original photographic methods from the 1800s. The course has also heightened my technical awareness whilst elevating new ideas for creating art. I’d like to invest more towards my kit in the hope of creating a more diverse portfolio for practice, and in turn becoming pro and available for hire.

I’m looking out for raw and weathered surfaces, natural formations, even decayed rusty metal.

These collections, juxtaposed against clean and polished surfaces, the polar extremes of natural and man-made structures, is an intriguing comparison of taste, originality, respect and tradition.




I shoot only family and friends during this early phase. I’m always on the hunt for models, all ages and looks. I have a limited kit but plan to expand this area of work. I love to use natural light which provides great exposure.




My design background has guided my interest in architectural lines, forms, patterns and texture. Let’s step back in time with places full of character and history. Let unusual inventive spaces inspire and feed the imagination.




Snowdonia, the most striking place on home soil. It offers something new every time I visit with my family. I love to capture its sheer scale and raw beauty, along with its dramatic environment.





Feeling hungry? Food photography is a new and challenging area. Ideally looking to work with a team to produce this collection. I’ll continue exploring and focusing on light and details.  



  • Nikon D7100: Old but sturdy.

  • Backdrops: Black and white muslin cloths + others perfect for indoor shoots.

  • Lighting: Basic lighting options that don’t break the bank. So a couple of umbrella lights and softbox for flash lights if required.

  • Natural light: provides such an abundance of light and I can control this to some degree. I position subjects/objects close to a window.

  • Reflectors: (black and white) to bounce light or create shadow. Black card (A4 - A1) is perfect for smaller compositions like flowers or products.

  • Lenses: I currently have 3 lenses (50mm f/1.8, 18-200mm f/3.5, and a Micro 40mm). The 50mm prime is ideal for my portraiture and a natural distance to work with. I’m interested in details and Macro is the next step - getting close and personal.

  • ML-L3 Wireless Remote: Temperamental at times, using a remote prevents camera shake and delivers crisp photos.

  • RAW: I always capture in raw format, and post-process using Adobe Lightroom.

  • Retouching: I’ll continue to use Photoshop for retouching, this is a skill within itself and a good one to hold as you evaluate and edit your own images. I’ve been aiming to get the image right in camera, as this limits post-processing time. Details in hair, clothing, positioning, even minute hairs can be picked up in the shot! In the past I’ve had to clean up creases in clothing, and even remove cat hairs.

  • Tethering: I’m planning to explore Capture One and make use of tethering (directly connect the camera to my laptop for instant feedback). This will hugely benefit me as I’ll be able to analyse my shots in detail and limit ‘continuous shooting’ - that’s not so healthy for my disk space!




I’m pleased to share my upcoming plans on how my portfolio will develop and diversify with upcoming designs and prints. Follow my blog to get more updates.