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Vivid Sydney ran for 23 nights from 25 May to 16 June 2018 and is Australia’s biggest light show, now in its 10th year. Stretching more than 2km around the Sydney Harbour foreshore, Vivid Light showcases the work of leading artists with a spectacle of light innovation, 360-degree projections, lasers, virtual reality and much more. The event also included international music acts at iconic Sydney venues, including Ice Cube, and Grammy Award-winner St. Vincent. Vivid Ideas hosted a variety of inspirational talks and workshops from leading thinkers, encouraging fresh thinking across the creative spectrum. Top speakers included Deep dive with film director James Cameron, and Gamify real life and examining AI with Jane McGonigal meets Kriti Sharma. I wish I was there to see this :)

I worked remotely with talented development and strategic team members at Nightjar, based in Sydney, Australia. The current Vivid site required a revamp for 2018. An extensive range of responsive wires and visuals were produced in Sketch to improve the performance of the landing pages, site navigation, search and browsing, event listings, detail pages, along with a user preference centre to store favourite events. Creating bespoke complex interactions with filters and search functionalities, testing feasibility with the wider team. With full bleed imagery and clean modular templates created for the Vivid team and CMS. Visuals were prototyped using InVision, allowing effective Client feedback directly onto wires and visuals. I also created several iterations of the Vivid blog, allowing clients to highlight all the activity at this prestigious event.


UX Design and Flow, UI Assets, Responsive Design (Sketch), Prototyping (Invision), Blog, EDM & Banners.


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